Et Tu? The Murder Mystery Evening Generator (2013)

Current Version: Alpha 1.0


Et Tu? procedurally generates murder mystery evenings of up to ten rounds for you to print out and play at home; great for dinner parties, nights in, or to satiate homicidal thoughts.


It works by presenting you with a 3D environment from which you can set up a new mystery, adding an unlimited number of players in the process. You then click on 'generate', and the software does the rest for you.


It produces a game that consists of ten rounds; one player is the murderer, and the others are trying to stop him or her. The great thing about Et Tu? is that everyone can play - no one person has to take on the duty of host, or read ahead.


It creates a HTML document that can be saved and/or printed out to play. The possibilities really are endless, and as the software is being continually developed to add more scenarios, variables, and single player games, there should definitely be something for everyone.


The creation of this alpha version was generously funded by incredible backers via the Kickstarter campaign that started in January 2013. The alpha 1.0 version was released eight months later in August.


Et Tu? is currently on sale via Gumroad, and can be bought for £24.99.


Purchases go towards funding the continued development of the software, and once you have bought the product, you are entitled to all future updates.


More Information:


So, what does 'alpha 1.0' mean?


It means that it's still a work in progress. Whilst the vast majority of the work has been completed thanks to the kickstarter campaign, Et Tu? is an on-going labour of love that I want to work on until it does everything that it possibly can.


This does mean that it's buggy at the moment, and idiosyncratic. Much like me, to be honest... However, it is definitely demonstrative of its intention, and does what I wanted it to do.


Can I see an example mystery from the software, before I purchase it?


 Absolutely - here's an example from the alpha 1.0 build.

(This is completely randomly generated - warts and all)



If you have any other queries, please feel free to drop me a message via the contact page.


-- ChangeLog --


Alpha 1.0


- The resolution issue that some people were having has now been resolved. This was fixed by updating the general UI to accommodate smaller screen resolutions, so you'll notice that it looks a little different in places.


- Archiving has now been repaired and works fine. When you click on the file archive a copy of the mystery will be saved to the archive folder, and should be exactly the same as the mystery that was generated.


- Clues have had a bit of work done to them. It's now impossible for the same clue to appear twice, and there are more variables. There's also the chance that you will now receive clues that may be a little more spurious than before. This work is indicative of extensive clue work that will be built into the next update. I've also removed the 'half-eaten apple core' - clues will always be helpful.


- Clue Calls have been changed. They are now only ever pertinent, so there will always be some kind of call to action for people to reveal information about themselves. There's still the possibility that there will be 'mystery breakers', i.e. characters may reveal a piece of information that has been called, only to have the clue indict them, but this is something I will work to iron out more in the next update.


- Locations have had an addition. There is now a new option within the advanced settings that allows users to alter the percentage chance of players being 'local' - i.e. from the place where the game is set. This is indicative of wider development that I'm going to be doing with regards to player locations, including the addition of clustering to increase the odds that people will be from the same place. However, this is a measure to ensure that there is less variety in the places where players are from, so as to make it more difficult to deduce who the killer is once birthplace has been called.


- Super Sleuth Gallery has been added, in earnest - it only has two entries right now whilst I wait on some artwork to be completed. However, it should give you an idea of what I'm aiming for.


- Tournament Points have been removed temporarily whilst I work on them to make them actually operate accordingly.


- Party Games is a new option that has been added. This is set to 'on' by default, and adds an extra line to the mystery that may be pertinent to the case, or just fun. Not for everyone, but it's entirely optional - it can be controlled through the advanced settings.


- Spelling Mistakes have been corrected, though I'm sure there are still some lurking. There are still grammatical and syntactical errors, but these will be fixed in due course. I have also replaced non-gender specific pronouns with 'him or her', etc., because the plural was making the conjugation of sentences almost impossible to understand.








Windows, Mac and Linux versions included in download

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